Jacksonville, Fl Cardiologist


Tom B.

5 Star Rating 

Dr. Castello was able to treat my BP issues when there were stumped and got me back to running again. 

Submitted 07/19/18

J M B.

5 Star Rating 

Awesome service 

Submitted 04/21/18


The best of the best cardiologist and staff!!!!

Submitted 2/14/19


I love this practice and these folks! Our family has been patients of this practice for a decade now, starting with my mother and my brother. No matter the cardiac issue, and there have been plenty, Dr. Castello and his staff were on top of it. I have now been a patient here for several years as well, and I have had the best cardiac care. I would highly recommend this practice.

Submitted 2/14/19

P. S

I love Doctor Castello and his staff.People asked me all the time how I got the best heart Doctors in Jax Fl, my answer is 🤷‍♀️but I’m so glad and blessed to have him... His staff is nice, professional and glad to be one of his patients... and I’m getting better!!!!!

Submitted 2/26/19

Roberto B.

4 Star Rating 

Good Experience 

Submitted 04/27/18 


Very clean professional office. Dr. Castello is very thorough. I would tell a friend .

Submitted 2/16/18